Slowcoaches // Avida Dollars and more // 22nd May // £4


Slack Metal trio originally from Leeds/Nottingham, now hailing from London. Making a raucous mix of noise pop, punk and garage. Latest release was split ‘Tourists’ with punk outfit FEATURE, a band which shares member Heather on bass. That split was one of our favourite releases of last year, so we’re stoked to have them come play for us. Previous releases include ‘We’re so Heavy’ by Sheffield DIY label Tye Dye Tapes, and ‘Thinkers’ released by our micro-label pal ICECAPADES – who’s helping us put this one together. With rumours of an album on the way, Marc Riley said “We know we’re in for a right old treat,” and I’d take his word for it, not to be missed.

FEATURE split is now available to pre order on vinyl, head over to get yourself a copy!

Plus Avida Dollars // Dinner Party // Duds

Tickets £4.

Facebook Event.