Matthew and Me // Dirty Brunswick // Easy Kill // Fallow Café // 4th Dec

Matthew and Me

Titanic yet ethereal, chaotic yet haunting, Matthew & Me create alternative pop like no other band. Their songs see beginnings of contemplative hush transform into leviathan choruses, capable of filling cathedrals. Lead singer, Matthew Board’s haunting vocals evoke a magical quality to their music, adding an otherworldly layer to the band’s sound.

Forming in the small town of Totnes, in the heart of South Devon, Matthew & Me began life as a vehicle for Matthew Board to materialise songs he’d written. Over time the band became an inseparable unit of friends, gradually captivating more and more music lovers in the South West and beyond.

Nothing quite prepares you for Matthew & Me’s live show. The drama, intensity, sonic precision, and overwhelming jubilation in their live performances is seldom seen from an unsigned band. Often choosing settings reflective of their sound, they’ve performed in churches, glass houses, boats and underground caverns. During 2014 the band also played at Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape, X & Y Festival, Somersault Festival, and Port Eliot Festival.

On November 10th the band release their new single ‘Patterns’, which was premiered on Huw Stephen’s Radio 1 show. The band will tour the UK in November and December in support of the release. More new music will follow in spring 2015.

Dirty Brunswick

Newcomers to the manchester music scene this 4-piece alt-rock band has been enjoying gigging success all around town. Heres a great chance to see them before they really make it.




Ea-sy Kill


  1. Nature A term traditionally used to describe vulnerable game or prey e.g. ‘that deer was an easy kill’ / see also ‘the runt of the pack’
  1. Historical In modern times as man’s aggression has turned inward and his physical importance diminished, the phrase has been used to describe members who are ostracised and considered expendable by society in ideological and actual terms.
  1. Society & Arts A self-referential phrase employed by certain members of the arts community inclined towards melancholy (Medicine a prolonged or recurrent period characterized by a low mood). In this context users of the term may be victims of the aforementioned Historical exclusion or sufferers of a mental condition…or more likely both
  1. Music Easy Kill is also a four-piece alternative rock band from Manchester, England, founded in 2013 and lovingly maintained ever since by members: Theo Tobias, Ronan Clowes, Alex Howes and Thomas Short.