Live: Roo Panes

With three stunning EPs under his belt, Roo Panes is pleased to announce the first news of his debut album and a brand new single ‘Tiger Striped Sky’. Due for release on June 9th through CRC Music, ‘Tiger Striped Sky’ is taken from Roo’s debut album which will be released in autumn.

‘Tiger Striped Sky’ highlights Roo’s talent for well-crafted songs. Adept with marvelous vocal intonation, Roo’s rich melodies are underpinned by beautiful string arrangements. A natural wordsmith, his lyrics conjure feelings of wistful reflection and the need to explore: “Think I’ll write a tale of my own / I’m going southbound where the ocean is flirting with the coast / And tell me why / I’m underneath a tiger striped sky”

Roo’s musical education came in part from his grandmother, a classical concert pianist, the hymns of his local church and in part from his parents’ collection of Nick Drake and Bob Dylan records. His songwriting has a subtle power to it, his process raw and Roo has been pleasantly surprised to discover covers of his own tracks surfacing on YouTube already – a testament to their resonance.

Hailing from a small town in Dorset, Roo’s surroundings have a strong influence on his music as well. Like many of his favourite romantic poets before him, he effortlessly stitches the sense of beauty, landscape and space into his songs.

Part of a close family, Roo’s twin sister Deborah lends vocals at live shows as well as shooting his press photos and his sister Lucy creates all his artwork.

A captivating performer, Roo Panes is painting his own distinct picture with his music and will be showcasing it live on his first full UK tour in May and June.