Live: Bone-Box (Acoustic)


A wonderful night full of acoustic joy. Check these links out..


“Lyrics that sometimes sound like Milton…a sound that somehow transplants Manchester to a plain near Tucson” Q MAGAZINE

“An exceptionally accomplished work of heart” MOJO

“Few albums set out their world as confidently as Manchester’s Bone-Box” THE TIMES

“Bone-Box weave webs of faded fairytales and cross palms with slivers of shattered tales of the everyday thrown from an out of control carousel…a ghostly gospel of drama and dented dreams far more feral than the plaintive lap-steel sometimes suggests. As an epic whole, they are The Master and Margharita filmed by Glenn Ford and scripted by Tom Waits with executive producer Leonard Cohen” BBC.CO.UK

“Superb…A dark yet hugely rewarding experience and roots rock at it’s best. A stunning yet totally subtle work of understated genius” BIG ISSUE ALTERNATIVE ROCK LP OF THE YEAR

“‘Death Of A Prize Fighter’ is a work of pure pleasure and originality. It’s stunningly crafted, majestically performed and totally absorbing – a delightful attack on the aural senses. Diverse, rammed full of grit and overflowing with musical brilliance this album is about as good as anything I’ve heard for an awful long time” TOXICPETE.CO.UK

“‘Death Of A Prize Fighter’ marries its brooding, bruised feel and a distant foreboding that reflects the darker Northern skies these tracks were penned under, with Americana flourishes and a musical yearning and heart located over the other side of the Atlantic” NEW-NOISE.NET

“Bone-Box are capable of being engrossingly introspective and surgingly primal at the drop of any hat. Indeed, Death Of A Prizefighter sweeps across emotions and heartaches with such a wandering hand, it’s difficult to know whether to cry or cheer each turn. Maybe just doing both is the best course of action” BBC.CO.UK

“This is brilliant. I don’t remember the last time I listened to something new and it literally made my soul ache. It’s strange and amazing and heart warming and heart breaking and wonderful” LEEDS MUSIC SCENE

“If you are really looking for a revival in British guitar music, Manchester’s Bone-box may be the combination you have been dreaming of – Bona-fide brilliant” NME

“Bone-Box have created another classic album – the sound of the “Deep North” – a collection of traditional sounds ripped, re-arranged, repasted and regrown, to be sealed with a loving joy of life and music. If you can be both authentic and original, then this surely is the measure” MANCHESTERMUSIC.CO.UK

“Lambchop’s dearkhearted British cousins” FLUX MAGAZINE


“Death Of A Prizefighter is exactly what Manchester needs; a worn-out, grown-up, world-weary, wonderfully sprawling yet supremely tight record, dressed up in its Sunday best and dragged through the proverbial hedge backwards” BBC.CO.UK

“Laid back and beautiful…songwriting genius” JOCK ROCK

“A beguiling musical tapestry…there really aren’t any bones to pick with a record as fulfilling as this. Bone-box are definitely out there on their own!” KERRANG

“Darkly insidious and wonderful” CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE


“Bone-box are a lesson in simplicity, discipline and imagination it’s clear that they pack a powerful and unique punch” NME

“They have a cinematic approach, a feverish melange of atmospheric moods and textures, narrative grit, sweat and dirt” METRO NEWS LONDON