Grey Lantern & Bad Uncle present Human Hair plus Special Guests // 12th Dec // £5

Bad Uncle and Grey Lantern are throwing a party and it has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with having a good time. By total coincidence it also coincides with the fifth anniversary of the first ever standalone Grey Lantern show. 12 people came to that, lets see if we can do better five years on.


For a while there it looked like we were going to go fall foul of the mighty Human Hair’s cluttered gigging schedule; however one last ditch attempt was made and with an enthusiastic “sure ok”, the rowdy guitar pop five-piece will be gracing us with their presence. They remain one of the best bands we’ve ever had on live


Fast and furious hardcore from a band who’ve been laying waste to pretty much wherever they’ve gone this year. Get a listen to the Lupus 7″, out last summer, to hear what we mean.


Some of the best Grey Lantern evenings have come with our pals Hookworms, so it only seems right that a couple of their number join us tonight. XAM makes immersive, enveloping modular synth music that eschews any beard scratching in lieu of handing out right good dollops o’ fun.


We’re also joined by Hookies drummer, Cowtown singer bloke, Nope henchman and longtime pal of Bad Uncle and Grey Lantern, Nash. who’ll be bringing his super playful and lively Game_Program project across the Pennines.


Kraftwerk-aping synth silliness from Rother botherers rumoured to feature members of the near-mythical Salsa Boys.

£5 OTD please!