CAREFULLY PLANNED PRESENTS: The Middle Ones, Hot Shorts, Hallie And The Annies + Judy And The Blumes

Hallie and the Annies make surfy guitar-pop songs. They’ll be showing you how they do it at 21:30 on Thursday the 21st of August in Fallow Cafe in Fallowfield, just south of Manchester. Here’s a link to a website which has agreed to host recordings of some of their tunes.

Hallie and co are taking their special show around the country with a couple of good friends of mine called Grace and Anna. Collectively, these two can be referred to as The Middle Ones and they make music to be placed into the lo-fi, ramshackle Indie-Pop pigeon-hole. They’re going to do this live, in-front of your eyes, at 20:45 on the same day as the other band. They’re using this little bit of the internet.

After those two have done their thing that they’re doing on tour, a band called Hot Shorts are going to plug their instruments and microphones in and show us what THEY’VE been working on. It’s adorable. You can find non-live versions of some of their pieces by moving your cursor over the blue writing below this and pressing the button you usually use to ‘select’ things.

There’s going to be one more act ‘opening’ the gig like one might open curtains too. I’ll let you know who they are when they let me know if they can do it or not. They might have something else to do that night. In which case, I’ll ask somebody else. There’ll definitely be one more act playing and they’ll do so at 20:00. You want to aim to arrive before then and you can leave after the last band. It’ll probably be before 23:00.

You’ve got to pay to come to this event. You can pay on the internet with pretend money, or pay on the door with real money. Altogether, the first option will cost you £3.30 and the second option will cost you £4. There’s not much in it. Do what you want. Always.

Thanks for reading this event write-up. See you at the pop concert!