Callaghan // 10th March // £10

Fallow Cafe

Originally from the UK Callaghan moved to the USA in summer 2010 to record and tour with Grammy- Nominee Shawn Mullins and has been playing live and building her audience ever since.

Callaghan plays piano and guitar and delivers a stunning vocal which earns frequent comparisons with artists like Sarah McLachlan and Emmy Lou Harris. Her songwriting chronicles the stories, experiences and emotions which are part of everyone’s lives.

A long-time Shawn Mullins fan, she contacted the Atlanta singer-songwriter through MySpace, and after being knocked out by her music he agreed to a rare collaboration. Callaghan left her London digs and boarded a plane headed for the American South.

Her debut album, Life in Full Colour was tracked in and around Atlanta with Mullins both producing and playing on the record. It released in summer 2012 to a great reaction. The Huffington Post describes the album as “joyful listening”, while InLiveMusic says “Callaghan’s voice is stunning, clear and perfect for the story telling of her songs”

Charlie Hole
When Lance Freed, Chairman of Rondor/Universal Music Publishing in Los Angeles, heard Charlie Hole’s music he said “I’ll sign him but he has to finish school first!” Charlie finished school and has the deal. In 2013 Charlie released his first album entitled “The Joy of a Caged Bird” produced by multi- platinum-selling writer-producer, Jim Cregan.